Bringing the finest fresh fruits and vegetables from the heart of Egypt directly to you

Agricana is in the heart of the Egyptian fresh fruits and vegetables since 2002. We used to sell and pack our production for sales to Tesco , Sainsbury’s , Morrison , and Aldi. Also to some retailers in Europe .

Our main fresh products are strawberry , citrus, grapes besides, sweet pots , spring onion , peas and green beans.  We also have frozen lines for strawberry and vegetables.

Accreditation are GG,GRASP, Sedex with packing facility BRC  certified . Also we added Global Spring certificate this year.

We also use Food Expert to monitor our PPPL  and happy to achieve the German retailers MRL requirements.



The surface area cultivated in strawberry in Egypt is 22,400 feddans. The production of each is 18 tons per season . The crop is cultivated mainly in the governorates of Qalyoubiyah, Beheira, Ismailiyah, and Sharqeya as well as lands lying on the banks of Nubariyah canal northwestern the country. Egypt world’s top exporter of frozen strawberry with 20% global share in 2019


Egypt rising up citrus ranks. Egyptian citrus exports totaled around 1.7m tons in 2021 and Egypt become the top orange supplier to the EU, a position it is expected to retain for future seasons. Navel and Valencia oranges account for 80 per cent of Egypt’s citrus export.  

Sweet Pots

Egypt is developing skills rapidly, in both cultivation and marketing. Egypt significantly increases the production and sales of sweet potatoes every year and sells most of them in Europe. Sales are going great at this time as an increasing number of customers are discovering the healthy sweet potatoes.


Table grapes are one of the most widely-grown fruit crops in Egypt. It’s considered to be the second most important fruit crop after citrus. With a sweet taste and excellent appearance, Egyptian grapes have positioned themselves very well in the world market, thanks to the efforts of their producers who invest year after year to improve their products.

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